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Taiwanese Tourist Rescued Alive 55 Days Dhading Nepa

Kathmandu. 21-year-old Yun laina sinna taivani missing tourists have been rescued alive 55 days. Air trapped in the face of them tourists simrika sidarthajanga pilot and guide Tsering Gurung dendupa Bhote are rescued alive. These come to Nepal Dhading taivani added on March 20 after contact with missing family members were in the area tiplina.

'Missing Taiwanese tourists rescued alive 55 days later became successful,' said Gurung rescued attached crimson Air pilot siddharthajanga 'lanalainako relief through me.'

Dhading Wednesday after missing the 55 day ruvibhyalisthita locals found the cave is a River. Family and trekking agency initiative using locals seeking the interpretation of the cave streams while staying young girl dead in a dangerous situation, and the locals had found Wednesday morning in Asian Trekking Agency had initiated salvation.

Taiwanese young people trekking in Dhading tetuna have tried to rescue the snowfall in the way of finding him missing lanalaina Rescue guide Tsering Bhote dendupa. Morning at 10 o'clock noon, 2: 30 pm simrika found tourists brought to Kathmandu by helicopter air. The country's first Red Bull Air Rescue helicopter lanalaita company shares.

Nepal Telecom Brought the Internet to Offer Cheap

Internet cheap offer

Kathmandu. Nepal Telecom has brought cheaper Data Pack offer. Night Time Pack company, Al-time pack, the pack data in de night, Facebook data is brought into the pack and nightclubs offer voice pack. At 10 pm until 6 am drivable Night Time Pack offer under a one-week period of 5 hundred MB RS 45, 15-day duration of 12 hundred MB  Rs 90, the one-month period 3072 MB Rs 200, the one-month period 6656 MB Rs 300 charges specified is.
Similarly, for a period of one month is priced Al-time 400 MB Rs 100, 850 MB Rs 200, 1500 MB Rs 300 is specified. It can take 24-hour service packs. Day Night Data is priced at 6 am to 6 pm to 10 pm at night drivable 1 hundred MB and 500 MB data packs to drive in the morning to 6 pm Fee is Rs 100. This pack is a seven-day period.

Vidya Devi Bhandari

India's five-day state visit to the president have been back home in the evening today Vidya Devi Bhandari
Vice President Bhandari Tribhuvan International Airport VIP room Nandalal again, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', Mr. Onsari Chhetri, Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa and Krishna Bahadur Mahara duo welcomed high-ranking officials.

On the occasion, the Nepal Army was given a 21-gun salute. Members of the tour party, Peace and absconding with President Yadav has also returned home. Foreign Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat, Nepal returned the visit was important under the new Delhi. Indian President Pranab Mukherjee on May 3 on the invitation he had gone overlooked.

Arun river dam has been thrown 15 meters deep, according to the District Police Office sankhuvasabhale. Barun river brought stones and sand-Nidhi Arun river is not adequate. There is tie became terrified residents of the area.
No matter when the original aspect ratio of the water flowing river Arun Dam is bahavale phutaunasakne risk.
Sukrabarai Health Minister Taraman Gurung, Minister of State for Water and Sanitation lamp khadkalagayatale the region have been inspected.
Syakasila -4 reached the three home losses and seven home is high risk, the statement said.
Sukrabarai the river's 10-family house has been moved to a safe place.

Due to the high risk of earthquake, Rasuwa 11 settlements

Trisuli: a tourist village development of 11 villages in mountainous districts of Rasuwa five are high risk caused by the earthquake. A geological study of the Tamang community is at risk because of the villages has to be moved elsewhere.
Rasuwa 11 tops 87 a hundred households at risk from the local development officer and the district coordination committee report Rasuwa Secretary rajendradeva he said. Department of Mines and defending 7 VDCs in the absence of 18 studies found that 11 settlements were in danger of partial and complete.
The study is the subject of bhugarbhavidle public. According to the report sprawling four locations, NPC Gogane, damdagamuko, snowboarding, and other settlements are particularly vulnerable to thulogamuko layuna.
Thulogamu the layuna of nine, hakusthita sanohaku, thulohaku and hakuvesika some home, dhaibunasthita kadamagharika 12 family and pranagaseko villages, Chakmake ghattepakhaka two families, cilimesthita pajuna and banana 80 family, Saramthali lamarangaka 10 family, hakusthita tiruka 5, lumva mountain three, thulogamu the layunaka 9 households are required to transfer immediately to the villages.
Dhuncesthita headquarters gumcetaka 5, yasako thandoraka 2 9, 4 and sangyula child, doeklanaka 4, Glyde gumcetaka 15 and thumanako tarsa and desyaka 10 families and a hundred households in 87 villages, the transfer should be further varkha the District Coordination Officer rajendradeva Pandey.

When Deep Boring for Water Coming out of The Fire

Water 'deep boring' while out of the Gas fire in Bhaktapur near pilagaum ward office.
Suryabinayak municipal fire is near sirutara -1 to pailagaum. According to the deep boring machine, wire and other materials used are burned. In the morning until 10 pm, a fire that has not been quenched. Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, the three fire for fire control has been used.
Chapakharka drinking water project, a fire has stopped drilling machines work. About 1 hundred and 80 feet deep.Instead, the gas fire has burned out. But, how that fire was not yet open. Later, when the pillar of fire nearby human settlements pose terror police said. Security, local residents are continuing to try to extinguish the fire. More than a hundred feet of water out of the depths of boring deep means to be used.

Comedy Artist Kedar Ghimire, 43 th birthday, the radio audio courts are kept. His birthday special program director Deepa Mr. Niraula, Deepak Raj Giri, Jitu Nepal, Hari Poudel, Ray Casey, director of development Raj Acharya, kedar wife Sita Ghimire, among others, attended remained. All present Kedar well-wishing happy birthday to the health and bounty. Deepak Raj Giri Kedar Ghimire greeting instead of your ATM card saying fluently all present laugh.

Kedar sick Connecting context he said, 'I am probably the last year, many of overwork scratches compose what happened.' Deepak said after the emotional and said, 'We have an emotional relationship between. In recent days, we have been kind of unity between artists and comedians. In the past, we have a kind of competition between the pens of smell. Only programs jointly hand. The mind also is charged. But now, even if the hand is charged. The mind also is charged. Gala also is charged. He answered and said connecting collaborator break up the always come. '


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